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Are you a Sex and the City fan? I absolutely loved the show. As a woman, I can totally relate. Life in my twenties had some similarities to Carrie Bradshaw and her friends.  Although my day job was nowhere near as exciting as Carrie’s, I spent many weeknights and weekends with my closest girlfriends at the clubs, or at the trendiest restaurant. We celebrated life with a cocktail. You can bet I’ll be watching “And Just Like That” when it debuts in a few weeks. Thank you Sarah Jessica Parker for this wildly anticipated reboot of Sex and the City. When I decided to paint the Cocktail Collection, I knew I had to include a Cosmopolitan.

This is not a cocktail that I indulge in often, so that makes it even more special. A wonderful memory is an anniversary trip to San Fransisco with my husband. We stayed at the Fairmont Hotel and I had the most delicious Cosmopolitan when we met up with friends at Laurel Court for cocktails.

The “Sex and the City Cosmo”  is an original mixed media painting, part of my Cocktail Collection. The paintings in this collection are impressionistic abstracts. With colour and a variety of mediums, I wanted to capture the feelings of fun, happiness, freedom, and excitement, that “on vacation” feeling I get when having a cocktail. I think I’ve captured those feelings perfectly and I’m so excited to share them with you. Cheers!