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Art Interiors Gallery, Toronto, celebrated 30 years of their immensely popular Festival of Smalls last week. This is the yearly kick-off to the gift-giving season, where the gallery offers original artwork in gift sizes from $65.- $250. Many of the gallery artists myself included, like to create work specifically for this show and in many cases it’s not the artwork that’s small, it’s the price. Art collectors can snag a piece of art from their favourite artist at a very affordable price.

Over the years, I’ve had many different series of original paintings included in the show, and it’s always a fun time. A few years ago, my abstracted birches series was a staple at the gallery. I created a series of mini birch paintings for the Festival of Smalls. They sold like hotcakes. I’ve had many different series included in the Festival of Smalls over the years.

For this year’s show, I kept it simple with 16 black and white paintings on paper. The compositions are elegant and edgy, and the neutral palette can fit very well with most home decor. They can also be bundled in two’s and three’s for a bigger statement. Framed in either black or white frames, they look very chic and contemporary
Art Interiors 30th Annual Festival of Smalls continues until December 24, 2023. You can view my artist gallery page here.