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The end of last year had me scrambling as an opportunity to exhibit at Capital One head office arose. Arranged and curated by my friend and fellow artist Lynn Christine Kelly the exhibit runs until March 2018. I was not too keen on having to do the written part for the show but in the end it turned out quite good if I do say so myself.

Then and Now

In the earliest days of time man used the natural environment to protect himself from the elements. The first forms of shelter were trees and caves and in time, man used the natural environment to create domestic dwellings. As humans and civilizations advanced, so too did the structures, the towns and the cities. The old crumbles or is demolished and replaced with the new. Industrial development and urban sprawl swallow up farmland while older buildings are replaced by new construction. And the cycle continues. This exhibition allows artists Lynn Christine Kelly and Rita Vindedzis to examine the beauty they each find in the old and the new, the crumbled and the decayed, the shiny and the progressive.

Then and Now. December 2017-March 2018
A two person exhibition with Lynn Christine Kelly. Capital One, Toronto, Canada

Unfortunately this show is not open to the public.