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Years ago when we lived in a north Toronto neighbourhood, I used to go for walks after dinner. It was in late autumn when the days were getting shorter and people were turning the lights on earlier.  It was easy to see in through the windows and notice what art if any was hanging on the walls. I always thought it strange when there was nothing hanging at all. Not a painting, not a print, not a photograph. Nothing. Bare walls. That’s just sad.

Hanging art on the walls is the easiest way to add personality to a room, to add colour, soften hard edges, add personality, and even improve mood. The energy of your environment has a direct impact on you all day, every day. Your environment influences your emotions, mood, focus and motivation, and even your thoughts and habits. Art can be a great conversation starter making it a valuable addition to your living space. We all need more art in our homes. Art in your home is relaxing and can create feelings of happiness. It’s a scientific fact that gazing at art is good for your mental health.

In my humble opinion,  what “ART” you hang on your walls can be anything that brings you joy. Posters, photography, decorative wall art, your kid’s art, or souvenirs from a trip. Whatever it is that you hang, it should be something that you love. Whether it’s framed vacation photos that stir up great memories, your child’s finger painting from grade one, or a large canvas you picked up at an outdoor art show, hang it. Bare walls are just sad. Hang something that speaks to your soul.