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Mad Men. Have you seen the series? I have watched the entire 7 seasons twice. If you Google a brief synopsis of the Mad Men series, you get

A drama about one of New York’s most prestigious ad agencies at the beginning of the 1960s, focusing on one of the firm’s most mysterious but extremely talented ad executives, Donald Draper

The show was so enjoyable for me not only because it was very well written but also because the show transported me back to my childhood in the early ’60s. I was just a few years younger than Sally, Don and Betty Draper’s daughter. As I binge-watched the show, the memories came flooding back. Some good, some not so good, it was the ’60s after all and it was a different world. 

I remember vividly sitting in the back of the station wagon, with no seat belts and my mother’s cigarette ashes blowing into my face. There was smoking. Lots of smoking! There were loud cocktail parties. I was assigned to my room but always managed to sneak out and take one of the fancy open-face sandwiches my mother would serve. They were for the adults. There were always plenty of cocktails being mixed and smoking. I got to clean the ashtrays in the morning. I remember my father dropping us off at a cottage for a month during the summer. Life was easy. I had donuts for breakfast and spent much of the day playing in the sand and water. My father would come up for the weekends.

Many of these memories were in my mind while I worked on my Cocktail Collection. I revisited some of my favourite scenes and listened to the Mad Men soundtrack while painting. Two paintings have a specific Mad Men connection. “Tiki Time Zombie” and “Don Drapers Old Fashioned” Both of these paintings have been featured in the collection Mad Men Paintings on Saatchi Art. I’m especially thrilled when I Google Mad Men Images and my painting Don Draper’s Old Fashioned shows up at the top of the search.