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Last month I spent quite a few days reviewing the past year, as well as planning my schedule for the coming year. This got me thinking about all the galleries that I have worked with throughout the 20 years (what??) that I’ve been painting.

I met Helen while exhibiting in an art fair many years ago. The art fair no longer exists but my relationship with XC Art Restoration gallery is still going strong. I was asked to bring in a few landscapes and see how things went. Those landscapes sold fairly quickly and our artist/gallery relationship blossomed. 

Like any long relationship there have been ups and downs. I have switched up my subject matter a couple of times and honestly, there has been the odd dry spell. Helen has always been supportive and encouraging me to explore new directions, and over the years I’ve built a good following with gallery clientele. It’s lovely when I get an email saying that one of my pieces will hang in the window (the prime spot) for a couple of weeks. I know that Helen works hard for me (and all her gallery artists) and I do my best sharing images of my work in the gallery on my social media. 

XC Art Restoration is not just a beautiful little art gallery that represents fine local talent, they also focus on exceptional art conservation/restoration, and framing.